461, 465, 469 Conrads Road, Hubbards, Nova Scotia at Queensland Beach

40 minute drive from Halifax along scenic Route 3

Owner Anne E Hiltz 902-233-0367


Pet Policy

Pets welcome with prior permission.

There is a $50.00 charge for the extra cleaning required to keep the cottages allergy free.

Additional charges will be applied if extensive damage/clean-up is required.


Pets are not allowed on any furniture, especially beds.

Wet pets, coming from the beach, etc. are not allowed in the cottage until clean and dry.

Owners must pick up after pets and not allow them to wander around the other cottages.


Items of note:

No smoking allowed inside cottages

Drinkable well water

On a septic system - only small amounts of toilet paper put into toilets

Raccoons in the area – do not approach, do not leave garbage out

Deer in the area – be careful driving